Renew! Restore! Redesign!

You were directed here for a purpose.

Welcome to Redesign Your Path LLC.

You have landed at the right place – no more overthinking – no more frustration – no more anger, pain, depression, or confusion. It’s time to take total control and create your best life! We will provide a safe and confidential way for self-healing. Setting boundaries for your life creates amazing wholeness and wellness.

Living a wholeness life creates a complete individual. A complete and whole individual gains control over their life to become conscious, enlightened, and aware of their mental health, spirituality, mind and body.

Let’s start creating our best life!

Meet Chenae

My name is Chenae Coleman and I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, MH 13479, the CEO and Founder of “Redesign Your Path”. I am compassionate about assisting individuals create the change in their life that they want to accomplish and succeed with their efforts of developing control and direction of the challenges one can face in all areas of mental health. It is most important to me throughout my profession to support my clients in healing and believing in themselves and the things they want to accomplish.
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